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EFSF raises €1 billion in tap of 2047 bond

Luxembourg - The European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) on Tuesday raised €1 billion in a tap of its 31 May 2047 bond, completing its funding needs for the third quarter of the year.

“The limited size we had to raise today enabled us to continue with our strategy to provide additional liquidity by tapping an existing bond. The high-quality order book shows our investor base appreciates this. At the same time, we were able to lock in a very attractive rate for our beneficiary Member States,” said Siegfried Ruhl, EFSF Head of Funding.

The tap of the 1.375% bond brings the total size of the issue to €3 billion. The spread was fixed at mid-swaps plus 18 basis points, implying a reoffer yield of 0.958%.

Lead managers for the transaction were Goldman Sachs, HSBC and RBS. The total book size was over €1.8 billion.

06/09/2016EFSF raises €1 billion in tap of 2047 bond
23/05/2016EFSF raises €5 billion through two new bond issues
26/01/2016EFSF taps two bonds for total of €3 billion
12/01/2016EFSF issues 5-year €3 billion bond
06/10/2015EFSF waives certain rights under loan agreement with Greece
27/05/2015EFSF issues €2.25 billion 4.5 year benchmark bond
21/04/2015EFSF issues €3 billion 10-year benchmark bond
27/02/2015EFSF Board of Directors extends MFFA for Greece until 30 June 2015
10/02/2015EFSF issues 30-year €1.5bn bond
13/01/2015EFSF issues 8-year €3 billion bond
12/11/2014EFSF taps 10-year bond for €1.5 billion
22/07/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 30-year bond
09/07/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 1-year bond
07/07/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves €1 billion disbursement to Greece
07/07/2014Το Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο του ΕΤΧΣ (EFSF) εγκρίνει την εκταμίευση 1 δισ. ευρώ προς την Ελλάδα
11/06/2014EFSF issues €3 billion 3-year bond
20/05/2014EFSF issues benchmark €3 billion 10-year bond
18/05/2014Portugal successfully exits EFSF programme
24/04/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves final disbursement to Portugal
24/04/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves €6.3 billion disbursement to Greece
08/04/2014EFSF issues €5 billion 7-year bond
24/03/2014EFSF Board of Directors elects Hans Vijlbrief as its new Chairman
18/03/2014Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recognises ESM and EFSF securities as Level 1 High Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA)
12/03/2014EFSF taps bond for €2 billion
12/02/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 10-year bond
15/01/2014EFSF issues €8 billion 5-year bond
17/12/2013EFSF Board of Directors approves €500 million disbursement to Greece
08/12/2013EFSF financial assistance for Ireland ends with successful Irish exit
04/12/2013EFSF makes final disbursement to Ireland
03/12/2013EFSF and ESM complete funding programme for 2013
26/11/2013EFSF issues €1.5 billion 16-year bond
19/11/2013EFSF Board of Directors approves €3.7 billion disbursement to Portugal
22/10/2013EFSF issues 7-year bond
27/09/2013EFSF disburses €1 billion to Ireland
10/09/2013EFSF taps 7-year bond via auction
28/08/2013EFSF successfully issues a new 21-year bond
31/07/2013EFSF disburses €2.5 billion to Greece
24/07/2013EFSF issues 5-year bond
10/07/2013EFSF issues €5bn 7-year bond
01/07/2013ESM becomes sole mechanism for new financial assistance programmes to euro area Member States
27/06/2013EFSF disburses €2.1 billion to Portugal
25/06/2013EFSF disburses €3.3 billion to Greece
24/06/2013EFSF extends loan maturities for Ireland and Portugal
18/06/2013EFSF disburses €1.6 billion to Ireland
31/05/2013EFSF transfers €7.2 bn to Greece for recapitalisation of the banking sector
29/05/2013EFSF places €4 billion 4-year bond
17/05/2013EFSF disburses €4.2 billion to Greece
16/05/2013EFSF places €5 billion 10-year bond
22/04/2013EFSF taps 7-year bond
18/04/2013EFSF taps 3-year bond
09/04/2013EFSF places €8 billion 5-year bond
20/03/2013EFSF taps 3 year bond
26/02/2013EFSF places 3-year bond
14/02/2013EFSF taps 25-year bond
12/02/2013EFSF taps 10-year bond via auction
29/01/2013EFSF places €5 billion 5-year bond
15/01/2013EFSF places €6 billion 7-year bond
19/12/2012ESM and EFSF announce funding programme for 2013
30/11/2012ESM and EFSF statement following Moody's rating decision
27/11/2012EFSF reacts to recent developments with the announcement of a one-year bond
27/11/2012EFSF places €7 billion one-year bond
07/11/2012EFSF taps 7-year bond
16/10/2012EFSF places 5-year bond
08/10/2012European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is inaugurated
27/09/2012EFSF appoints Wolfgang Proissl as Head of Communication
19/09/2012EFSF appoints David Vegara as Senior Advisor to CEO
29/08/2012EFSF places €3 billion 10-year bond
31/07/2012EFSF taps 3-year bond via auction
25/07/2012Statement following Moody’s decision to change outlook on EFSF’s rating
10/07/2012EFSF places €6 billion 5-year bond
09/07/2012EFSF mandates Crédit Agricole CIB, Morgan Stanley and UniCredit as joint lead managers for its next issue
04/07/2012EFSF taps 25-year bond
20/06/2012EFSF taps 7-year bond
19/06/2012EFSF appoints Andres Sutt as Senior Advisor to CEO
12/06/2012EFSF places 25-year bond
24/05/2012EFSF places €3 billion 3-year bond
23/05/2012EFSF mandates Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Crédit Agricole CIB and Royal Bank of Scotland as joint lead managers for next issue
09/05/2012Statement from EFSF regarding next disbursement to Greece
09/05/2012EFSF holds first tap via auction
03/05/2012EFSF appoints Agnès Belaisch as Head of Economic and Market Analysis
26/04/2012EFSF taps 20-year bond
24/04/2012EFSF places 7-year bond
23/04/2012EFSF mandates HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Natixis as joint lead managers for its next issue
21/03/2012EFSF places €4 billion 5-year bond
20/03/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
20/03/2012EFSF mandates Citigroup, Nomura and Unicredit as joint lead managers for next issue
19/03/2012EFSF places €1.5 billion 20 year bond
06/03/2012EFSF holds 3-month bill auction
21/02/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
17/02/2012European Sovereign Bond Protection Facility launched
17/01/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
16/01/2012EFSF statement following Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade its long-term rating
05/01/2012EFSF places €3 billion benchmark bond in support of Ireland and Portugal
03/01/2012EFSF mandates Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Société Générale CIB as joint lead managers for its next issue
13/12/2011EFSF holds first bill auction
07/12/2011EFSF launches short-term funding programme
29/11/2011Maximising EFSF’s capacity approved
07/11/2011EFSF places €3 billion bond in support of Ireland
31/10/2011EFSF mandates Barclays, Crédit Agricole CIB and JP Morgan as joint lead managers for its next issue for Ireland
29/10/2011EFSF’s top credit rating affirmed
13/10/2011EFSF amendments approved by all Member States
22/06/2011EFSF mandates BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs International and Royal Bank of Scotland as joint lead managers for its second issue for Portugal
22/06/2011EFSF places €3 billion bond in support of Portugal
15/06/2011EFSF places €5 billion bond in support of Portugal
10/06/2011EFSF mandates Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and HSBC as joint lead managers for second issue
19/05/2011EU and EFSF funding plans to provide financial assistance for Portugal and Ireland
25/02/2011Letter to Editor of Financial Times
25/01/2011EFSF places inaugural benchmark issue
19/01/2011Top credit rating for EFSF’s debut debt issuance
17/01/2011EFSF mandates Citi, HSBC and Sociéte Générale as joint lead managers for the inaugural benchmark issue.
21/12/2010EU and EFSF funding plans to provide financial assistance for Ireland
03/12/2010Belgium, Slovakia and Slovenia now full EFSF members
29/09/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
20/09/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
04/08/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
16/07/2010Slovakia agrees upon EFSF framework
01/07/2010European Financial Stability Facility CEO Takes Office

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