Press releases

23/05/2016EFSF raises €5 billion through two new bond issues
26/01/2016EFSF taps two bonds for total of €3 billion
12/01/2016EFSF issues 5-year €3 billion bond
06/10/2015EFSF waives certain rights under loan agreement with Greece
27/05/2015EFSF issues €2.25 billion 4.5 year benchmark bond
21/04/2015EFSF issues €3 billion 10-year benchmark bond
27/02/2015EFSF Board of Directors extends MFFA for Greece until 30 June 2015
10/02/2015EFSF issues 30-year €1.5bn bond
13/01/2015EFSF issues 8-year €3 billion bond
12/11/2014EFSF taps 10-year bond for €1.5 billion
22/07/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 30-year bond
09/07/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 1-year bond
07/07/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves €1 billion disbursement to Greece
07/07/2014Το Διοικητικό Συμβούλιο του ΕΤΧΣ (EFSF) εγκρίνει την εκταμίευση 1 δισ. ευρώ προς την Ελλάδα
11/06/2014EFSF issues €3 billion 3-year bond
20/05/2014EFSF issues benchmark €3 billion 10-year bond
18/05/2014Portugal successfully exits EFSF programme
24/04/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves final disbursement to Portugal
24/04/2014EFSF Board of Directors approves €6.3 billion disbursement to Greece
08/04/2014EFSF issues €5 billion 7-year bond
24/03/2014EFSF Board of Directors elects Hans Vijlbrief as its new Chairman
18/03/2014Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recognises ESM and EFSF securities as Level 1 High Quality Liquid Assets (HQLA)
12/03/2014EFSF taps bond for €2 billion
12/02/2014EFSF issues €4 billion 10-year bond
15/01/2014EFSF issues €8 billion 5-year bond
17/12/2013EFSF Board of Directors approves €500 million disbursement to Greece
08/12/2013EFSF financial assistance for Ireland ends with successful Irish exit
04/12/2013EFSF makes final disbursement to Ireland
03/12/2013EFSF and ESM complete funding programme for 2013
26/11/2013EFSF issues €1.5 billion 16-year bond
19/11/2013EFSF Board of Directors approves €3.7 billion disbursement to Portugal
22/10/2013EFSF issues 7-year bond
27/09/2013EFSF disburses €1 billion to Ireland
10/09/2013EFSF taps 7-year bond via auction
28/08/2013EFSF successfully issues a new 21-year bond
31/07/2013EFSF disburses €2.5 billion to Greece
24/07/2013EFSF issues 5-year bond
10/07/2013EFSF issues €5bn 7-year bond
01/07/2013ESM becomes sole mechanism for new financial assistance programmes to euro area Member States
27/06/2013EFSF disburses €2.1 billion to Portugal
25/06/2013EFSF disburses €3.3 billion to Greece
24/06/2013EFSF extends loan maturities for Ireland and Portugal
18/06/2013EFSF disburses €1.6 billion to Ireland
31/05/2013EFSF transfers €7.2 bn to Greece for recapitalisation of the banking sector
29/05/2013EFSF places €4 billion 4-year bond
17/05/2013EFSF disburses €4.2 billion to Greece
16/05/2013EFSF places €5 billion 10-year bond
22/04/2013EFSF taps 7-year bond
18/04/2013EFSF taps 3-year bond
09/04/2013EFSF places €8 billion 5-year bond
20/03/2013EFSF taps 3 year bond
26/02/2013EFSF places 3-year bond
14/02/2013EFSF taps 25-year bond
12/02/2013EFSF taps 10-year bond via auction
29/01/2013EFSF places €5 billion 5-year bond
15/01/2013EFSF places €6 billion 7-year bond
19/12/2012ESM and EFSF announce funding programme for 2013
30/11/2012ESM and EFSF statement following Moody's rating decision
27/11/2012EFSF reacts to recent developments with the announcement of a one-year bond
27/11/2012EFSF places €7 billion one-year bond
07/11/2012EFSF taps 7-year bond
16/10/2012EFSF places 5-year bond
08/10/2012European Stability Mechanism (ESM) is inaugurated
27/09/2012EFSF appoints Wolfgang Proissl as Head of Communication
19/09/2012EFSF appoints David Vegara as Senior Advisor to CEO
29/08/2012EFSF places €3 billion 10-year bond
31/07/2012EFSF taps 3-year bond via auction
25/07/2012Statement following Moody’s decision to change outlook on EFSF’s rating
10/07/2012EFSF places €6 billion 5-year bond
09/07/2012EFSF mandates Crédit Agricole CIB, Morgan Stanley and UniCredit as joint lead managers for its next issue
04/07/2012EFSF taps 25-year bond
20/06/2012EFSF taps 7-year bond
19/06/2012EFSF appoints Andres Sutt as Senior Advisor to CEO
12/06/2012EFSF places 25-year bond
24/05/2012EFSF places €3 billion 3-year bond
23/05/2012EFSF mandates Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Crédit Agricole CIB and Royal Bank of Scotland as joint lead managers for next issue
09/05/2012Statement from EFSF regarding next disbursement to Greece
09/05/2012EFSF holds first tap via auction
03/05/2012EFSF appoints Agnès Belaisch as Head of Economic and Market Analysis
26/04/2012EFSF taps 20-year bond
24/04/2012EFSF places 7-year bond
23/04/2012EFSF mandates HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Natixis as joint lead managers for its next issue
21/03/2012EFSF places €4 billion 5-year bond
20/03/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
20/03/2012EFSF mandates Citigroup, Nomura and Unicredit as joint lead managers for next issue
19/03/2012EFSF places €1.5 billion 20 year bond
06/03/2012EFSF holds 3-month bill auction
21/02/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
17/02/2012European Sovereign Bond Protection Facility launched
17/01/2012EFSF holds 6-month bill auction
16/01/2012EFSF statement following Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade its long-term rating
05/01/2012EFSF places €3 billion benchmark bond in support of Ireland and Portugal
03/01/2012EFSF mandates Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank and Société Générale CIB as joint lead managers for its next issue
13/12/2011EFSF holds first bill auction
07/12/2011EFSF launches short-term funding programme
29/11/2011Maximising EFSF’s capacity approved
07/11/2011EFSF places €3 billion bond in support of Ireland
31/10/2011EFSF mandates Barclays, Crédit Agricole CIB and JP Morgan as joint lead managers for its next issue for Ireland
29/10/2011EFSF’s top credit rating affirmed
13/10/2011EFSF amendments approved by all Member States
22/06/2011EFSF mandates BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs International and Royal Bank of Scotland as joint lead managers for its second issue for Portugal
22/06/2011EFSF places €3 billion bond in support of Portugal
15/06/2011EFSF places €5 billion bond in support of Portugal
10/06/2011EFSF mandates Barclays Capital, Deutsche Bank and HSBC as joint lead managers for second issue
19/05/2011EU and EFSF funding plans to provide financial assistance for Portugal and Ireland
25/02/2011Letter to Editor of Financial Times
25/01/2011EFSF places inaugural benchmark issue
19/01/2011Top credit rating for EFSF’s debut debt issuance
17/01/2011EFSF mandates Citi, HSBC and Sociéte Générale as joint lead managers for the inaugural benchmark issue.
21/12/2010EU and EFSF funding plans to provide financial assistance for Ireland
03/12/2010Belgium, Slovakia and Slovenia now full EFSF members
29/09/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
20/09/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
04/08/2010EFSF becomes fully operational
16/07/2010Slovakia agrees upon EFSF framework
01/07/2010European Financial Stability Facility CEO Takes Office

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