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EFSF issues debt securities in order to provide liquidity assistance to a euro area member state that is experiencing difficulty in financing itself on the capital markets at sustainable rates. EFSF bonds offer top quality diversified supranational class exposure. This is due to the guarantee of the shareholders, the euro area member states. Funding strategy is SSA (Sovereign, Supranational, Agency) type through benchmark issuance, with focus on a high standard of liquidity. The EFSF Market Group comprises 40 international institutions.   Further information can be found in the EFSF Investor Presentation

EFSF recognised as High Quality Liquid Assets

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has designated EFSF securities as Level 1 High Quality Liquid Assets. EFSF securities will therefore be included in the list of entities receiving a 0% risk weighting under Basel II*

The EBA recommends the EFSF notes as "Extremely High Quality Liquid Assets'**

EFSF’s issues are included on the ECB’s List of Eligible Assets:

Any person who offers or sells securities issued by EFSF has the responsibility of acting in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations including selling restrictions and rules regarding suitability of investments. The fact that information about a particular issue of securities is given on this web site does not mean that those securities are permitted investments under such laws and regulations. Investing in securities carries risks, especially in the case of structured or long-dated securities. Financial intermediaries who recommend investments in securities issued by EFSF should ensure that the investors understand the risks attached to such investments. Nothing on this web site constitutes an offer to sell any investment.

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